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Okay so, i'm 19 years old & i'm a female. When i first tried weed i was about 14, once i tried it i swear i was hooked. During high school i developed an extremely bad case of depression. When i say extremely bad i am NOT exagerrating.i was depressed before going into high school but it really wasn't all that bad. i smoked weed on a daily basis, when something would go wrong, or when something bothered me i immediately turned to weed to make me feel better. i cut class just to get high with my friends, my grades slipped an incredibly amount after my freshman year, i started having really bad arguements with my friends and family. i felt like everyone was against me, i hated myself, i hated school, i hated my friends i hated everything about my life except for MARIJUANA. this might sound silly, but please hear me out. my condition was very serious. During my sophmore year i tried to commit suicide, oi was so out of control i didn't even know who the hell i was. i was really sick. my mom started to take me to therapy, i had these insane episodes, or attacks. i suffered from severe anxiety, my therapist thought i was bi-polar, they subscribed some medication which i took during the course of my junior year in highschool. After i started taking the medication it took a few months for me to actually feel a slight difference, i no longer was crying although i was still smoking heavily and my mother disapproved , i didn't care it was the only thing at the time i felt kept me sane. However i got off my meds and that summer i was 17 years of age, my depression was AWFUL, i tried to kill myself again, and ended up in the hospital, i really badly wanted to die. after this my mother forced me into therapy twice a week but i refused to get back on the meds, however my mother and i had a very long conversation about all the weed smoking that i was doing and i was so tired of hurting my mother that i promised i'd quit smoking weed. this seemed like an impossible task for me, but for my mothers sake i tried with all the strength in my body to not pick up another joint after that summer. obviously i did not quit smoking like cold turkey, i quit little by little, smoking 6 days instead of 7 then 5 days then 4 days then 3 days.. well you get the point. So now back to the main topic of this , after i totally quit smoking my life did a 360, i actuallly felt happy to wake up everyday, i loved myself . lol this seems so ridiculous, but happiness was like a wish i felt i'd never get close to getting. So i stopped crying, i stopped cutting myself i stopped wanting to die. i felt extremely productive. when i turned 18 i got my first job as a paralegal i was prgressing so much i couldn't even believe it. i had lots of energy, my sleeping cycle regulated i was doing well in school and got back on track. although eveeryday was a challenge since my friends were all potheads but i managed to sit in a room full of joints and not take one puff. i was free. my depression subsided entirely. i no longer felt sad, EVER. i am a beautiful 19 year old hispanic female. i am studying to become a teacher. i am not fat nor am i skin & bones, i have no reason to want to die....but recently i was at a gathering of old friends, and they were sparking up a joint and offered me a pull i say hey why not.... and i smoked with them and i got so high that i wanted to o back in time and exhale that nasty sh*t, but the feeling ... was something i kind of missed, so i smoked the day after that and the day after that, 3 days in a row . i was more then a year clean. but now... i have anxiety... and its only minimum anxiety but it bothers and i feel it in my chest, and i feel a little sad... its been a week since i smoked those 3 days in a row, and i feel a little different. MARIJUANA CAUSES DEPRESSION, maybe not for everyone but it does for me. i have no reason to feel sad, but i'm having anxiety, and i don't want to look in the mirror alot.. or even leave my house. is this because of the weed? because if it is i swear i won't ever smoke again. =(


Yes, it's my opinion that the weed triggered the anxiety/depression. In time it will subside if you stay away from it. Be patient and you will feel good again.

take care