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Hi, I had severe diverticulitis and had to have a colon resection to survive. Now 3 1/2 months post op I still fell horrible. In constant pain. All I want to do is lay in bed because that is the only place I am not in pain.

I was not given a special diet. Surgeon said "Eat what ever you want. Now I am reading your publication. I see I have been eating all of the wrong things. should I see a dietian? I just don't get this. and now I have an infection in my instestines above the area that was removed and they put me on the two antiobiotics that I was on before surgery.. HELP HELP HELP. Am I going to be sick the rest of my LIFE.

Yes, I have been back to the Surgeon and now my PCP. I really do not feel like they know what is going on. So, they did another CT Scan and now tell me that there is an infection and put on the antibotics.

I would be grateful for your thoughts


If you had these symptoms before op would you do it again? I might need this from what my Dr.s say. I want real world opinions. Die or die trying?