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Hi everyone,


I'm not the kind of person that post up his personal medical problems on the net but I have done a ton of reading on here and other web blogs and forums over the past few days and figured I would share my issues. First off I wish I had read some of these peoples stories before I got this surgery, but then again I had no choice in the matter of my problem. 


I'm 35 years old and have been 100% healthy until 2 years ago when my wife had to take me to the ER for a major abdomen pain, fever, chills, etc.  I was told that I had diverticulitis. Had no idea what it was before that day. I was told to go to a GI doctor which I totally ignored and continued my life until last September when I had to spend 10 days in the hospital with a major flare up that nearly required the resection to be done then. I was able to recover and go home but was told that my problem was considered acute and I needed to attend to it ASAP which I did and had 9" of the colon removed and resected Dec 13 2011.  I was told by my surgeon that in 6 weeks I would be normal again. NOT true. first off the surgery took 4 1/2 hours, done lapo and I spent 9 days in the hospital.  Had to go back end of January because of an abscess and spent 3 more fun filled days in there. 


Once out things did start to improve and I eventually went back to work around the 9th week out.  The only real issue I was having is pain and energy.  I was hoping that they would both improve over time but in the last 2 weeks things have been getting weird.


1. Sometimes I get a sharp pain that last maybe 10 min that runs from the main incision site to my ass and then I'm left with a dull, lingering pain.

2.  I recently had a 3 day spell of low grade fevers that would break and return. Went to the hospital and was givin a CT and blood work which both oddly enough came back clear. 

3. Energy is getting worse, not better. It's hard to work. At the point of considering a leave of absence.

4. After I eat my pain is two fold and I get nauseated. I have actually puked 3 nights out of the last 5.

5. Sometimes I spike fevers for no reason

6. Random belly swelling. I am 172 lbs and lean but looking in the mirror I look like I'm getting fat


This has all started in the last few days.  My doctor was sending me out for a CT as of the day before I went to the ER thinking something was really wrong.  She said if the CY doesn't show anything obvious that a colonoscopy will be needed (I hate those, for what  it's worth).  I have an appoint with her Wednesday.

I'm still taking Percocet 10/325 as it's the only thing that gets me through my work days and helps me sleep. Would not all surprise me if I'm hooked on them.  I get the idea that my doctor is not sure how to approach this It seems like she a tad stumped but I am really in bad shape, or at least I feel like it.


I guess what I am asking, is it possible for there to be an internal colon problem (healing) that could be the culprit here that would not be seen on a CT?  This is taking it's toll on me mentally and I'm just about at my witts end and my wife is really concerned. 


It does not seem right to no be able to locate a issue with this may symptoms.  And to make matters worse I still have a few diverticula in there she could not remove because she said any more than 12" would cause life long diarrhea.  I actually have no issues with bowl movements though it does hut a tad as of late.


Any comments or suggestions welcomed



GO to HOSPITAL your incisiion may have ruptured. with the symptoms you are describing. go NOW


I had the same surgery in 2009, it went well but sometimes I get horrible pains if I eat certain foods like oranges, cantaloupe, red meat. What I do is that any food that causes me pain, I just avoid it. Maybe you should change your diet. I avoid all fruits and some vegetables like broccoli because they are very gassy. Orange juice is horrible on me and causes a lot of pain. I avoid hard food that will take a lot of work for the stomach to digest. Soups and rice, eggs, chicken and fish, pasta and a lot of water seems to do the trick on me. Just stop all fruits and vegetables and red meat and drink a lot of water. I lost 11 inches of colon so I treat it more delicately. God bless!