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i am 45. I was diagnosed at 22 with diverticulitis, throughout my entire intestines.  I have had two classic attacks, with classic symptoms that I was able to treat at home, with antibiotics, liquid diet and complete bed rest.  

That was up until last Friday. I woke with a lot of abdominal pain. I thought maybe I was constipated. I held out until 7 pm when I went to the emergency room.  I didn't even consider a diverticulitis attack, because the only symptom I had was pain.....extreme pain throughout my entire midsection.  

After a CT scan, they told me I had diverticulitis and it was leaking into my abdominal cavity.  The surgeon said he would give me 24 hours on antibiotics and if he didn't see improvement, then he would have to do surgery.  my white cell dropped over the next 5 days to normal and I was released from the hospital

is it just wishful thinking that I won't have to have this done soon?  The surgeon said it was inevitable




if it helps any, think about the surgery this way - it's better you have it done on schedule, when the risk is minimal, than to wait for another diverticulitis attack and another possible abdominal leakage. The thing is, abdominal leakage could lead to potentially lethal acute abdomen syndrome where your chances of survival depend on whether you'll get the surgery in time.

It's safer and might improve your life quality overall if you had the surgery when you're not suffering from the attack,

Wish you all the best,




Thank you Nicole. I'm just having trouble wrapping my head around it. My mom passed of a burst bowel at 64, only having had polyps. Its just overwhelming thinking about my children and how hard it was for them with my short hospital stay, I'm self emplyeed . and we depend on my income, the fear of loosing my business when taking off time for recovery. But I know, all this would be much worse if it burst and there was a fatal outcome.
Sorry to dump on here:(
For those of you who had non emergency surgery, how did you choose your surgeon? Are there surgeons that specialize in this type of surgery? Can a general surgeon do this surgery with the same success?
Thanks for listening.


Hi Kim,
I was talking from my own experience - I didn't even know I had a stomach ulcer and that it had burst for weeks of nausea and uncomfort (they thought it was my appendix, so I was just to rest at home and wait) until one afternoon I had the worst pain I can't even begin to describe. I couldn't even speak how bad it was. So I was rushed to general surgery ward and yes, general surgeon did my surgery.

The reason why I was telling you it's better to plan things out on a schedule is that they first started removing my appendix, then saw something far worse is going on, so I ended up with a 5 inch scar splitting my abdomen in half. I was 25 then so it bothered me much more than it does now, but still, the surgeons went into the whole thing blind just like I did.

Hope more people share their stories, Nicole