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I had colon resection surgery in September, major with an incision.

I have been able to digest grape tomatoes with no problem, but I love eggplant and have been

afraid to try it, because of the seeds.  I thought maybe I could eat it since the seeds are small, and not that hard, but I know every person's experience with this diverticulitis and surgery are different.  I always drink lots of water during and after anything I eat.

Any good news for me?

Thank you so much.

Sherri, Jupiter, F


Hello, Sherri.... I am not confident that you can have eggplant unless you have the seeds removed.  Then you can have it.  If you eat anything with seeds, it will not take much for the seeds to get hung up on your diverticula and cause more problems for you.  You should be diligent about not letting anything with seeds pass your lips.  I know having a restricted diet is something that is difficult to do.  I don't eat eggplant so I don't know if you can cut around the seeds and eat the flesh that is around the seeds?  It would be the best thing to do if you can.