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I just had my 1st episode of diverticultis and was in hosptial . I beenon antibiotics but still have localized pain in one area. Has anyone else ever experience this after antibiotics?[/list]


A friend of mine was diagnosed with diverticulitis. He took antibiotic first 2 weeks and did not get any better. Later his doctor admitted him to the hospital where he stayed 5 days and was given antibiotics under doctor’s control. At first, he felt much better but 3 days after he felt the pain, so doctor prescribed him oral antibiotics for another 3 weeks. Anyway, 2 months later he complained again. Then he met a girl who came through all of this and she advised him to try the herbal product called, I think Lean’n’Clean (spelling??). After 3 weeks he felt no pain and his bowel movement improved a lot.

Many people thinks that Antibiotics are not the ultimate answer for diverticulitis because our colons contain billions of different kinds of bacteria and some of them are harmful and some are friendly. If you kill all bacteria in our colons, there will be more friendly bacteria which help you maintain our normal bowel functions.