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After using DUREMINE does it leaves you with that horable skin hanging?


Yes, Duromine (Phentermine) does work well for weight loss because it is basically pharmaceutical speed and has significant side effects. (but dont most Pharmaceutical drugs) I can only stand to take it for 3 days before the side effects of insomnia, headaches and general weakness get to me. Although at first it gives u lots and lots of energy and u will find yourself cleaning the house frantically and doing all the tasks u normally cant be bothered to do. But after a few days the lack of sleep starts to affect your immune system, general wellbeing etc and u start to feel run down. But if u can put up with no sleep for days on end', it definately works very well for weight loss and u can lose a significant amount of weight. I once forced myself to stick it out for three weeks and lost lots of weight. Over 12kg it was great!!Also u will have little to no appetite  while on this drug anyway.  In regards to the insommnia some doctors will tell u to try a herbal sleep promoter such as hops, passionflower, valerian or lemon balm. I would try these first, but in my experience these work great when u dont have a powerful pseudoepidrine drug pumping thru your body and are pretty useless when taking Duromine. U will have more success with melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone used for different types of insomnia.Its levels go up a couple of hours before u go to sleep. In the morning its levels go down signalling your body to wake up. If u take a tablet that is not sustained relaese when  the Melatonin level in your blood goes down after 2-3 hours this signals your body to wake up it will cause u to wake up in the middle of the night. But if make sure u buy sustained release of  melatonin or it will last the night.  Also anti histamines such a phenergan are known to make u drowsy and can  work well for this type of pharmaceutical induced insommnia. Also could try Restavit (Doxylamine) available over the counter in Australia. Prochlorperperazine (Maleate) also works. Finally sedatives such as temazepam (sleeping pills) or valium work well (For anxiety), but require a prescription. Just be aware that some people can become addicted to this last type so use with caution. and  only take the minimum u need to fall asleep or  valium toreduce severe anxiety like an attack Other wise dont use at all.  With the sleeping tablets (Temezaman)Take one  and give it 30-45 mins to see if it works. If u are still awake take 1 more. I personally would never exceed 2-3 in one night as they can be dangerous if taken with other CNS depressants especially alcohol and or opiates. But  if u have Duromine in your system some times they are the ONLY thing that works quickly to get u asleep, quickly and easily.  And reduce Durmomines effects. Duromine can make u jittery, make your heart race, give u anxiety esp if u are prone to that and make it impossible for u to fall asleep even though u are dog tired. Often your doctor will prescribe u temazepam if u are taking duramine and tell him/her that u are having difficulty getting to sleep. I would say that if u can handle the side effects then u Duromine is the most effective of weight loss drugs on the market. As for skin hanging I would say that if u lose a significant amount of weight then perhaps u will have some lose skin. But Duromine doesnt specificaly cause this and any great weight loss might leave u with some lose skin. But isnt it better that u have lost the weight. Cross that bridge when u get to it. Lose the weight first and it might not even happen. Regards L