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hey, I am 17 years old. I dont know who else to turn to. I am not sure whether I should be with my boyfriend or not.

first things first... I have been with him 10 months. Over these 10 months weird things have happened. Everything was good in the beggining. He was such a sweet heart, he was calm, nice, honest, he didnt mind anything, and he was really quiet. but as time went on now he is mean he treats me like a different person he pushes me around and he bosses me around. I dont know whether or not this can mean problems around the future cus we are planning to get married in a few months when I turn 18.

I'm not gonna lie... we both argue, we both get jealous... and disrespect each other. if he yells I definitely yell right back at him. he usually snaps more... when I say he is jealous I mean like he looks through my cell phone, and answers my phone... he goes through my facebook, email, and myspace... he gets mad if I talk to guy friends... but what makes me mad is that he can hang out with his girl friends... he has one in particular that is always texting him and stuff... when I ask him he denies it but when he isnt looking or goes to bathroom I check his cell and it comes out that he was writting to her and stuff... he has given her rides to her house from school and stuff without me knowing (I found out about 3 months after it happened)... so I dont know what to do. He has hit me, but not anymore... and he calls me the B word and says im a s*** and a w****... he says that I am a waste of time... but when I say to leave me alone and just go he always begins to cry... so what do you think I should do? This is really making me tired emotionally... and I definitely love him. 8-| :-( :'(


When he shows you and tells you his TRUTH, LISTEN!!! What this means is this, he has shown you that he is abusive and disrespectful, and jealous, SO NOW you need to LISTEN to what he is telling you! They - abusers - loose ALL respect after the 1st time when you take it! HOW can you turn around later and say "I'm NOT going to take this anymore!" When you have already proven you can! There are thousands of dead women and girls in this world that DIDN'T listen! So follow your instinct for coming on here and dump this guy! He crys because he is Loosing control and he knows it works! Abuse stays and 99.9% of the time there will be NO difference except for it getting worse! Also he is making you act the same way - obviously there is NO trust or respect from either side! He doesn't trust you and visa versa! So walk away and do NOT get married, you are only 17 and I know you think you are older but you are NOT! And you haven't lived a life yet, so you can trust your "Spidey Senses"! IF an animal is in a jungle and senses danger they don't go towards the danger they run away! We are the ONLY species that don't listen to our instincts! We are the only ones that go towards the danger! So listen to yourself OK? I think you already knew the answer, you just needed it to be validated! So good luck and all the strength to you!