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I have a friend (Lets call him Mr.X) who i call up to most days of the week
Although me and my other friends (Mr Y, Mr Z, Mr A) try to avoid him.

Basically, when i call up with other people, he's always trying to tell me and everyone what to do, trying to be the boss, mainly towards me. And he's always saying alot of stuff too, like a previous time, my brother had a broken ps3.
I asked that friend Mr X and another friend Mr Y to come over to a shopping center with me to buy some stuff to fix the ps3,
And this friend Mr X just kept saying stuff like, "Your not going to fix it, you cant do anything, your useless"
Other times then he just talks about buying drugs and selling them. But most of the time its just about me
Telling me im never going to be successful and all that,
I'm getting extremely pissed off with him lately as with the rest of my friends
Because every time we call up hes always like that, always trying to be the boss
Very closed minded, doesnt like or take anyone elses opinion except from his own
Talking about people behind their backs, And trying to insult people telling them they will never be successful because hes left school, no job, no money, and he himself, is not successful.
Always trying to bring me down if my friend Mr Y asks me to do something on the computer (I am a genius on the computer as some people say) but according to Mr X, and i quote, "He cant do anything he's useless, he's sh*t at computers)

Is this some sort of Disorder or a forced negative side like sarcasam?

Keep in mind that he acts like this with most people, but mainly me because im the youngest of the group
He thinks that i should show him respect but he doesnt have to show me respect


Sweety Yew Need To Leave That Mr.X Guy Alone...Cuz He Sounds Very Misunderstanding Telling Yew Things Like Dat To Yur Face..I'll Say Leave But Dats All On Yew..!


I try to avoid him as much as i can
The only time i see him is when im with other friends and they call up to his house
He was great friends with my brother, him and my bro always used to stay out untill like 3 am at night
Now that my brother has moved away, when i say to Mr X that im going home at about 9 or 10 pm
He just starts saying s**t like "Your brother never used to go home at this time, he always stayed out late"
Although i have went a bit mad towards him a few times
Telling him that im not my brother, im different than him. When he tries to boss me around i just turn around and reply
"Its a free country".

I'd say its pretty useless trying to reason with him
Or as some people might say
"Its like urinating in the wind"