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The doctor told me I was in menopause (after doing hormone tests) and didn't need to take birth control. I have been without my period for a few months (4), am 44 and have never had regular periods. I have no other menopause symptoms save anxiety attacks and have had those most of my life. What I do have are symptoms very similar to pregnancy. Tender breasts, nausea, and cramping after orgasm.  The cramping is new (only the past few days) and I had this every time I was pregnant... it was how I knew to take a test.  I am not really dealing well with the news of menopause at my age (my mother was 58 when she went through the change) and do not want to take a test unless there is really a chance of pregnancy. Could this be just my brain wishing I was pregnant or are these also symptoms in menopause? I've been telling myself it is impossible, but.... your thoughts are appreciated. ~thanks


Even though your doctor said you have reached menopause it does sound like you could be having pregnancy symptoms. I would suggest taking a test or 2 anyways just to be sure.