this may be sebohric eczema, eczema is one of those weird things that happens and gets misdiagnosed as an allergy or fungus or something. Sebohric (I may be spelling it wrong) is a weird eczema that happen in the ears or around them and has something to do with ear wax/ the oils in ear wax, it causes crusting and leakage. If you can get to a dermatologist or just an ear specialist you may be able to verify if this is what you have. If it is then there are drops to help fix it. I have the same itchy and painful leaking ears in addition to getting wax plugs, it started out of the blue and I thought it could be an eczema since I did have a bought of eczema around the same time without explanation and it felt like the eczema on my leg but inside my ears. Hope this helps.