I stopped running competitively 15 year ago because although I was on my way (10:10 two mile, 34:23 10k), my knees hurt and my shins hurt.

I took it up again in January 07, but I've been reading up on proper form and the way shoes weaken feet. I train in racing flats now and concentrate on landing lightly.

I'm also running just three days a week (I make them count however, with cardio in between)

I'm researching foot strengthening exercises, so that eventually I can run a race barefoot.

I'm hanging in, I did the father's day 5 miler in central park in 35:15 and I felt strong at the end and through most of the race.

Most importantly, I love running more than ever, and on the days off I can't wait to get out and run again.

I'm also doing cold baths for 30 minutes after my run and hot for 10 minutes. It seems to make quite a difference.

Has anyone else experienced similar feelings or had a similar experience?

(It's a bit scary actually. The people who I use to run with are telling me stories of knee replacement surgery and for some it's too painful to run. I never thought running would turn into that...) :P