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I’m thinking of joining a local crossfit group, not because I’m overweight but because I’m far too skinny and it seems that crossfit might help me stay in shape and hopefully gain some muscle mass as well because from what I saw crossfit seems to include a lot of weight lifting and it is also focused on maintaining a good diet.

But still, I’d appreciate your opinions on whether crossfit is better for building muscles than some other training programme? I’m a female and I don’t want to  get too muscular, just enough so I don’t look as skinny as I do now.



it's fairly common for women to think that specific strength training or weight lifting programs will get them too muscular. You just have to keep in mind that it's up to you to define your goals and perhaps instead paying for crossfit gym membership, find a good personal trainer who'll also be able to give you a good nutritional plan that will fuel your muscles.

Crossfit will get you in shape, if you find a good gym and a good trainer, but since it will also put your body under high intensity sprints, lifts - even olympic lifts and with a high number of repetitions and program changing every day, you are also under far bigger risk of either fully exhausting yourself or injury.