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I want to konw if hyperthyroidism affects conception and growth of the fetous in the womb if sonception occurs. pPlease advise as this very disturbing. I and my husband wants to start the family.


Hello! Hyperthyroid could interfere with your pregnancy and cause certain problems if not controlled. If you let the disease to be uncontrolled, you may suffer from miscarriage, preterm labor, suffer from pre-eclampsia and your baby could be born with low weight or not be born at all. These are condition that may occur if you don’t get your hyperthyroid under control. It would be best if you managed your thyroid levels before getting pregnant.

If you didn’t get it under control, it could prevent you from getting pregnant in the first place. The symptoms of hyper are usually noticeable in the first trimester, and women usually lose them later in pregnancy but most of the time, they reoccur after delivery.

If you are considering getting pregnant, no what how severe your hyperthyroid is, you need to discuss options with your doctor. You will need to continue taking medidcine during pregnancy, those that are safe for the baby.

In case you can’t control your hyperthyroid, you may have to remove the thyroid gland. Once again, I will mention, that this and all other issues need to be discussed with a professional.

If you manage to keep your thyroid levels under control, you will probably have a healthy child with no thyroid problems. If you don’t control it, your child can also inherit hyperthyroid.