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how does cannabis affect your babies growth and development?
please rite bk x


Are you asking this because you are pregnant?

If you are you should know that marijuana doesn't cause full-blown birth defects, but that doesn't mean it's okay to smoke if you're pregnant. Because the fact is that pregnancy and unnecessary drug use just don't go together at all. You are aware how smoking cigarettes can effect pregnancy so smoking marijuana is bad as well.  

There's some evidence that using marijuana during pregnancy could lead to unnecessary problems for a developing fetus, even raising levels of miscarriage and stillbirth.

That's because THC metabolites freely cross the placenta, where they interact with developing body systems.

Possible effects include lowered birth weight, nervous system changes, and delayed learning.

And if you're pregnant or you're planning to be remember that the risks are too high. After all you want healthy baby and for that you must be healthy as well.