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My mom had her kidney removed six weeks ago, and is in the process of recovery. We live in Texas and it has been unusually rainy and humid here. She is finding harder to breathe and wonders if this has anything to do with having only one kidney. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Hi there,

Having your kidneys removed is quite a shock for the body. There are several risk that are involved with kidney removal surgery. There is a chance that she might get a blood clot, also blood loss, heart attack or a stroke, infections in wounds or in lungs, and breathing problems. So as you can see this is common risk that many patients experience when they have their kidneys removed. You should consult her doctor about this in any way just to be sure that see doesn’t have any further complications. What kind of medication is she using right now? There is a small chance that she might have injury in her internal organs as well but this can be diagnosed at the hospital.