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Hi Guys,

i am new to this forum you can say i have just join and read the thread was about penis size so there was diffrent ideas from diffrent people. the girls want big penis they are w****.

No, size is doesnt matter for a girl in sex. i am a pakistani guy who had sex with alot of married woman from diffrent countries here in Dubai but never anyone of them complain about my penis. the size is doesnt matter just you have to know how to utilize it thats it.


it depends, for some girls since they had sex too much& they whole vagina whole is too loose, a normal or even big penis would not satisfy the girl because in her case it is not enough. but thats just half of the population of america .__. most girls like black men these days because supposely they have bigger penises than white men. but its whatever. it really all depends on the girl.