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Okay so i recently lost my virginity to my boyfriend. Te last time i got my period was November 28, 2008. We had sex December 19 and December 27. On both dates, we both used a condom and when he withdrew, it took awhile before he could cum coz i had to finish him off with my hand during the first time and he came on my face the second time. Sorry i just want to be really specific.

On December 19, i took two pills after we had sex for the first time. that's around 9:15 pm. I took two again after 12 hours which was 9:15 am and another pill at 9:15 pm. Since then ive been taking one every 9:15 pm. So in conclusion, we used a condom on the times we've had sex, used the withdrawal method and im on the pill.

And now im just paranoid. Coz i dont have my period yet. Well im always late since im irregular. I dont really get my period every 28th of the month. So yeah...*sighs* Do you guys think im pregnant? the only time ill be relieved is when i get my period which i hope i get ASAP!

Please help.


i doubt you're pregnant. first of all, the condom, second, the pill, third withdrawl. pretty good protection there. your period is probably just late because that's your body's nature... or because you're stressing out. so don't worry, it will come in due time!