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I have no pain, burning, itching but there is a hard pea sized lump on the bottom left side of my shaft. I've diagnosed myself with a sebaceous cyst, but I would like some input.

Additional Information.

It does not hurt.
When squeezed, nothing comes out. The first time I squeezed it though, a small bit of white came out, much like a white head, and after squeezing it becomes larger for a day or two.
It's under the skin, not attached to anything but the skin.
It only hurts if I **** with it.
It's shiny.
It was slightly white, but it's VERY slightly become darker.
My scrotum is red, but it doesn't burn or itch or anything like that.
Slight burn when urinating but only sometimes and I've had slight burn every once and a while long before this appeared.
The hair follicles on it (when squeezed (the lump, I mean, not the follicle) ) protrude above the skin (like a teeny pimple) but have no hair.
I just got out of the shower and now the hair follicles that are on it (with no hair growing out of them) have seemed to dry out but the lump hasn't changed size.
I've got red bumps on my legs (mostly upper thighs) that I believe are swollen pores and are completely normal from what I've read but in combination with the lump could mean something.

It's not herpes, since all the pictures I've seen have depicted herpes as "blisters" not lumps.
I was flipping because the symptom of first stage syphilis is a
bump but all the pictures I've seen depicts a sore with a recess in the middle, like a mesquite bite that someone itched to much (chancre)
I told my dad about it and he insists it is an ingrown hair, but there is no small hair to be found growing in the center.

Thanks for taking the time to read, a speedy response would be much appreciated.


might just be a calcium deposit.. a classmate of mine has one on his lip