I have a question regarding the survival of sperm and likely-hood of pregnancy in a certain situation.

 I ejaculated then took a shower but did NOT pee so I would assume there would be sperm left over in my urethra

After the shower I touched a good amount of pre-cum that I am assuming had a good amount of sperm in it and lets just say to be safe, it had enough sperm in it to cause a pregnancy.

So I got a good amount of this pre cum on my hand then wiped it off dry on my shirt then 1 minute later I fingered my girlfriend and I did touch her cervix.

1. IS there a chance at becoming pregnant in this situation?

2. if sperm has been wiped off my fingers onto my shirt and appears dry does this mean there is NO sperm capable of achieving pregnancy present on my finger?

3. Does wiping the sperm from my hand on the shirt completely remove the sperm from my hand or could there be microscopic traces that could make her pregnant? Please reply asap.