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Between my buttocks I noticed I have three (on each side) areas about thumbsized that look skin colored, puffy and pronounced. They do not hurt and aren't sore but are noticeably visible when I spread my buttocks. The whole inner sides of the area is quite purpely-pink, too.

Every search I try tells me it's Hemorrhoids.

But it doesn't look match the description, isn't sore, and these aren't coming out of the anus. It's more like there's something under the skin that's causing it, maybe veins? It's almost like three swollen veins pushing the skin up, either side.

( =o= )

I do bleed on occasion when I go to the toilet, but the blood doesn't come from these but what feels like a small 'cut' or 'tear' at the top of the anus.


Edit to add: 'creases' may a more accuate term.