Suboxone withdraw CAN be worse then heroin. When i say can be, it depends. If u think taking suboxone for more then 2 months means ur off the junk think again. Its half life will make u wish u never took it. Yea sure it masks withdraw, and blocks opiates so even if u do the strongest opites it won't work. Ween ur way off. Hydrocodone takes the shortest time to come off. The Tylenol put in them can be addicting as well friends. Iv been on them for 4 years took 1 week of cold turkey. Heroin not the same. Ween ur way off. If,u inject stop and just snort it. And every day for 2 weeks cut down 10$ worth. If u never inject then u have a head start. Working out does wonders. I weened off heroin with oxy then hydrocodone. I no people on sub for 6 months with no weening and not only will it take longer then any other drug to get out of ur system. Unlike weening down u cant take anything.while on sub.. Its the worst.feeling all u can do iz take another sub... So my advise do not ever u sub for more then a month. And every week take less.