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okay.. i just recently had my u/s done finally!!!!!! and i was so happy and so excited that i actually got to see my little one moving around and being active and all! i am happy to report, ((especially to immortal one)), that i have stopped smoking weed, and also that i do intend to lay off it til i'm done w/ all the breastfeeding..(if that's possible).. anyways... ok so now i have the ultrasound results and i was wondering if anyone knew about knowing the gender. How can you tell??? and even though I'm happy it's A GIRL! .. I'M kind of hoping it will be wrong.. even though it was pretty clear that there was no penis present... can it still be wrong??

does anyone have any information on ultrasounds???


That is the most selfish thing I have evrer heard! But yes it could be wrong! Oh and congrats on not smoking weed for the health of your baby