I am 27, I was on B/C for a little over a year (I had to go off because it made me crasy!!! :-S ) I have been off for a year. For the first 3-4 months after - my period was normal (before the pill i was very very regular) - for the past 9 months or so my periods have went crazy - they started coming late, and getting lighter. then in september, my period was 2 weeks early. Now for the past 2 months, my period has been late and i have barely had to wear even a panty liner. Last month I went to the doctor, she said it was "ok" as long as I was having some period. (I wasn't pregnant) - This month i have had a few cramps, nothing on the panty liner (just a little bit on the toilet paper) - i think it is too soon to take a preg. test (we are trying to get pregnant)
Has anyone experienced this? any ideas?