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I have a small area of raised skin, whitish colour and itchy on my testical. What do you recommend


It is hard to recommend anything when you didn’t state anything about how these symptoms appeared, when they appeared, if you had sex or not, if you used condom, how long after the intercourse the symptoms showed up, if you wash under the foreskin regularly, if you have been taking antibiotics or any other drugs.

You should know that a person should describe as much as they can and remember when talking to a doc. This is a doctor’s half diagnose. The more you tell, the easier it would be for a doc to relate to your problem and decide what tests to take.

Raised skin could be some kind of bumps, and bumps could be ordinary pimples but could also be herpes, which is an STD. Herpes bumps usually ooze liquid and don’t contain white color but are itchy. It could be sebaceous cysts that are harmless but rarely itchy. It could be many things. The wisest thing to do is see a dermatologist or an urologist and find out what it could be and get an appropriate treatment if needed.