Hi about 4 weeks ago I had unprotected oral and protected vaginal with an escort and ever since I've been worried about catching an STD. After about 4 days, I started having little tingling/stabbing sensations which came and went and weren't painful just a little annoying. I found that drinking more water and urinating every time, I felt these sensations, helped to reduce the occurrence of the sensations for long periods of time.

Nowadays I hardly feel the sensations but I've noticed a cluster of tiny closely bound bumps that look a bit whitish and similar to the color of my penis skin. These bumps are on the right side of my penis's opening parallel to it , there's also 2 or 3 bumps closely bound just below the upper ones so all together it looks like some sort of a line. There's also another similar small bumpy line further down to the right perpendicular to the previous ones. These bumps do not itch or burn or cause any discomfort and I do not having any painful burning while peeing or any weird discharges. They also do not resemble any cauliflower shape or look like those pics of herpes or warts on the net. They are also too small to tell if it is pus filled. I've also noticed similar clusters on the inside of my foreskin. I don't know how long its been there as its only recently I started searching for signs. The bumps mostly feel flat and maybe just a little raised but can't tell for sure however they look raised and bumpy like.

Does anyone know what these could be ? Are these warts or herpes ? I read online that you can't get genital warts by receiving oral sex is that true ? I know it's hard to say over the internet and I will find a doctor soon but till then I just need some answers to better prepare myself.