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I have been trying to get pregnant ....My last cycle started from 31st May... I was ovulating arround 14th, I have been having cramps from 21st,22nd,23,24th,26th off and on.
What i wanted to know is that if i were pregnant and this is my implantation cramps...should my vagina feel dry or my vagina feels dry and sometimes i feel itchy... am i pregnant....



u may be pregnant as i have been having similar symptoms,as well as missing 1 of my monthlys my p***y has dryed and peeled at one stage ,i am taking a pregnancy test and i am yet to know if i am but i have been having wierd feelings like a vibrator near my chest and car sickness sort of feeling as well as a high and low temperature consintly please email me back if you get these symptoms on _[removed]_ and i will tell u if i am pregnant or not, if u have simular symptoms.there are 2 options go to get a urine test from ur dr or a preg test they cost 7 dollars in victoria for 1 test but u can get cheaper and more of them on ebay