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A week before Christmas I started to feel sick, it started with a sore throat and my right ear and face would become very hot. I went to doc and she said i had strep throat, I was prescribed zpack. when i finished meds i was still feeling sick but now with my right ear feeling like I was under water. I returned to doc and she now said i have a bacterial ear infection and has put me on levaquin for 10 days i am currently on my 7th day with no relieve but do have some new symptoms. my chest, neck and shoulders are sore to the touch, shortness of breath(sometimes). ear still feels clogged no real pain tho just discomfort, mild headache pains. i went back to doc today and now she wants me to stop levaquin and start augmenton. I have not filled precription yet as i am not sure if i should just go to e.r. to be evaluated.

Full list of symptoms:
1. right ear fells stuffy
2.mild headaches(sometimes just sharp pains)(temple areas)
3. very tired and irratiable
4. chest neck and shoulders sore to touch( last 2 days)
chest tightness is speratic
5. shortness of breath
6. joint discomfort some shooting pains


I've been feeling ill for the past two wks, first it started out with a earache and sore throat, I found it hard to swallow or talk...just whn I thought I had healed I started getting headaches and my chest is sore I find it hard to breathe and my entire body is sore plus I've been bleeding through this entire process even tho my period isn't due for another month...I've also been having an upset tummy..I'm beyond scared