I check my vaginal canal and cervix daily for signs of pregnancy and ovulation. I have recently found that my vaginal canal is becomming more swollen the insertion of two fingers...(I wear a size 4-5 rings so very small fingers) have a hard time pushing in to check the cervix. The cervix is closer to the body with small part of the tubing (i call it) existing. and it is almost completly verticle. The opening is extremely soft and wet as is the lining around it. The opening instead of being three different parts, has joined to becom one section and parted by only one slit. Over the last three days there is both white mucus and the eggy mucus you were discussing on another page.
I have a hard time maintaining pregnancies because of my low progesterone levels and therefore monitor the changes closely... These changes have not occured previously.
Can you help me figure out what is going on?