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I have very heavy bleeding and a fibroid tumor which has been with me for probably more than 10 yrs. I do not want any more children as I am 43 years old. With the information I have read over I am leaning toward the Endometrial Ablation.

I found a website that had nothing but horror stories about Endometrial Ablation so I am wanting to hear about different experiences (preferrably good) It seems people love to spread word when terrible bad things happen but I am sure there are plenty of good stories out there so I would love to hear those. :-)

Thank you :-D



im a lot younger than you but i did not want to do that so i tried the mirena idu 

from what im hearing i think you should try it. 

it did wonders for me lightens your period and some women dont even get one its the only fda approved birth control for women with heavy periods.

i had very heavy periods and i got the mirena idu about a month ago and my period has gotten extremely lighter i used to use a ultra plus tampon and now i use a light one or a small panty liner 

so give it a thought or consult your obgyn