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Endometrial ablation v Hysterectomy

I will be having one of these procedures . .  the doctor is leaving it up to me.  I have very heavy bleeding and a fibroid tumor which has been with me for probably more than 10 yrs.  I do not want any more children as I am 43 years old.  With the information I have read over I am leaning toward the Endometrial Ablation because I don't think you should have a hysterectomy unless that is your only option.

I found a website that had nothing but horror stories about Endometrial Ablation so I am wanting to hear about different experiences (preferrably good) It seems people love to spead word when terrible bad things happen but I am sure there are plenty of good stories out there so I would love to hear those.  :-)

Thank you   :-D

  Mary   XD   ;-)   XD


it could just be a spot under your skin, or a blister from friction when you walk