I had an endoscope done 4 days ago. They performed one due to laryngeal reflux and very minor dysphagia. This was my second endoscope. No problems at all with the first one 6 years ago. After this latest one, I’ve had a painful lump when I swallow and much greater difficulty swallowing food. I had only very mild transient symptoms before....probably due to the reflux.  Now it’s worse. I’ve managed to get various textures down, but it feels like the food stalls for a while before going down. I also have more burning in the chest. I’ve read through lots of posts here and am wondering what percentage of you have gotten better? I know healing time frames vary as our bodies are different. I should note that the doctor dilated my esophagus. I had no idea he was going to do that. I’m hoping he didn’t screw something up. They told me 3 days to heal, but it’s now been 4 and here I am googling what’s wrong with me. I wish I had known. I will never repeat this again.