I recently either miscarried a pregnancy, or expelled a very large blood clot.
I'd been spotting for a few days prior to the event. I thought I was having
a normal period. I experienced intense, significant cramping that morning, which
subsided briefly, then occurred again. The pain was so intense that I took
two Tylenol. I got mild relief, but the pain occurred again. This went on
for about an hour and a half. I felt the urge to go to the restroom, then a large
mass simply discharged into the toilet. I was fascinated. The pain stopped
immediately. I put on gloves and retrieved the mass and examined it.
It was the size of my outstretched hand from the top of my index finger to
the bottom of my thumb. It was mostly bloodish color, solid, but with other
multi colors 'inside', if that makes sense. I did not keep the specimen.

I did go to my ob/gyn the following day and had an ultrasound. There was
no remnant of anything remaining in my uterus. The doctor indicated that
confirmation could have come if I'd kept the specimen. The final diagnosis
on what occurred was inconclusive. What is your opinion on what that was?

I'm a married woman, so pregnancy is not out of the question. I do have
a child and have been through labor before. The pain was quite similar, but
I delivered my child by c-section.

Please advise.