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6 weeks ago I noticed a lump in the area around my right rib cage, moving down to my hip bone. Seeming to be attached to my liver, not to move past my mid section. It felt similar to being pregnant and having an elbow or knee stick out causing discomfort. No pain at all. I only noticed it at first while sitting. Before I noticed my lump, I first went my GYN thinking that I may be suffering from some type of depression. I was very tired all the time and had lost 10 pounds with in a month. (I am currently on thyroid meds due to a partial thyroidectomy possibly explaining the exhaustion) My color seemed strange and I occationally had diarreah for no distinct reason, no matter what typed of food I ate or when. Similar to IBS symptoms. The next week I had lost an additional 4 pounds. I had then decided to go to a local walk-in clinic. The Dr. could not feel the lump, but had ordered a CT scan and blood work to rule out colon cancer. The blood came back normal including the CEA, the CT found what was thought to be a very large cyst or gall bladder. I then saw the surgeon whom ordered a HIDA scan. This proved that there was a blockage of the gall bladder duct, being inconclusive as to what the cyst actually was. The Dr. then referred me to a gastreologist. He ordered an MRI and found my cyst to be a very large gall bladder full of stones, about the size of a grapefruit. In the mean while, I continued to lose 3 pounds average per week and having slight burning on my right side and small piercing pain in the middle of my back. Not extreme, but quite uncomfortable. Surgery was scheduled 1 week after the MRI. The surgeon was able to remove the gall bladder and stones with laproscopic surgery lucky, shortening my recovery time. It has been 10 days and I have much more energy, my color was much better in a matter of 24 hours. There is still a lot of pain and discomfort around my navel, but I feel good otherwise. Now just waiting on the pathology report. Hoping for good news there.


I have the same symptoms. Have had rapid unexplaineweight n loss. Low appetite. I have lost 21 lbs in about 5 or 6 weeks. I now have pian under right rib. Very bloated the last couple of days. Nauseated on a occasions. had cat scan Friday but haven't heard anything yet since my doctor doesn't work Fridays. I am so bloated and have this pain. Tried to eat tonigh, just not hungry at all and so bloated. I am leaning to maybe gall bladder. Your post helped me. Thinking I am losing my mind.