I just stopped taking Seasonique on 1/10/07 because of side effects(anxiety being the worst). I was taking it for 5.5 weeks. I started bleeding yesterday morning so I assumed it was my period. I have always been very normal, no bad cramping, clotting, moderate flow only. Flow has been normal, I had only used 2 pads all day. In the evening I was standing for a bit and got intense cramping so I had to sit down for about 30 mins. When I used the restroom after that I noticed a large "clot" fell into the toilet. I retrieved it since I was curious because I NEVER have clots. It was about the size of a ping pong ball, some dark blood with mostly pink tissue attached. Since I passed I have had a headache which may be coincidental. Bleeding has stayed the same, no further cramping or clots. There was a potential for conception the beginning of Nov during my ovulation before I had started the pill. I did have a period that came a few days early at the end of November. I thought it was normal but don't actually recall. Is it possible that I was pregnant and have now miscarried? I had attributed my fatigue, bloating, emotional roller coaster to the Seasonique but now wonder!