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After having had emergency appendectomy two months ago I discovered a golf ball sized "cyst" on my inner thigh. I had my doctor examine it and as it was not inflamed or tender he felt it best to simply monitor it's status. Low and behold it broke apart on it's own and completely went away.

Now about two months later it's back with a vengence. It grew to a large mass within a few days. It's huge at about five inches long and about four inches deep. It's tender and inflamed and extremely painful. Night and day to the original one that I had experienced. I've never had one before this it's my first experience with cysts of any kind.

My question is could it be filled with bacteria perhaps due to my ruptured appendix? I have to wait until post labor day weekend to have it looked at save going to an Emerg at a local hospital which I'd rather avoid. (I waited 3.5hrs to see a doctor when I had my appendix issue)

I am however tempted to attempt to lance it with an "insulin" needle from a pharmacy just to hopefully ease the pressure. Advice I noted from another post.

Any and all thoughts would be sincerely appreciated.


in all likelihood there would be a lot more sweeling and pain if it were full of bacteria. Also if it is as big as u say you would likely have a fever and or other symptoms if it were full of bacteria. My guess is that there may be some bacteria there and lots of dead cells. Puss can also be dead cells being ingulfed by your phagocytes and neutrophils it doesn't necessariy have to be bacterium based.