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My Father in law was told 13 years ago that he has chronic pancreitis and that any alcohol use could kill him. Recently we discovered he has began drinking again after 13 years sober. Please. What does this mean for him. As well as the alcohol he is smoking again. Which he had stopped for all this time. Thanks for your time


Well, one thing is certain-nothing good can come out of it since alcohol is what had brought him there and quitting alcohol is the first thing he needs to do to improve the symptoms, the pain and to reduce the risks of outbreaks of acute pancretitis, complications and dying of course.

A variety of complications of chronic pancreatitis can occur. First, it is possible to develop blockages of the ducts that secrete juices from pancreas and gallbladder by forming cyst-like formations. When the ducts get blocked, a person may suffer from obstruction of the upper small intestine or bleeding within the stomach and intestine. If gallbladder gets affected, a person may develop jaundice.
Then, he could start suffering from frequent acute episodes, which are not pleasant at all and the symptoms are much worse than in chronic. This happens most commonly to those who continue drinking alcohol. Chronic pancretitis itself poses a risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

It is also possible that the pancertatis functions get so impaired, that it stops decreting insulin and a person develops diabetes mellitus and fat malabsorption.

I don’t think there’s a bright future for those who continue with the drinking in chronic pancreatitis.