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Dear Madam / Sir,
I have been treated by a dentist to replace a crown, during that period ( 3 weeks ) he had a provisional crown fitted glued with acrylic base glue(powder+liquid), since he used this glue I have been suffering of a extreme irritation of both eyes, could there be any connection between the liquid used with the acrylic powder and my allergy in my eyes?
Thank you in advance for any assistance or information that you might have,
Niza De Porto.
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Hello there Niza

It is obvious that you have some kind of allergic reaction but I don’t think that this is connected with your dentist treatment. I am fighting allergies my whole life and there are so many triggers to this awful condition. Once you discover that you are allergic to something in your environment it is hard to fight it on your own. So if you still suffer from the same symptoms the best thing you can do is to visit your doctor.  

He can do some tests to determine on what you are allergic. Once you have this piece of information you can decide how you are going to fight it. Hopefully this was one time thing only and you will be fine.