Hello to all.
Our most recent visit to our locate eye doctor has posed some questions.
At first they asked all these family related questions, then they took my child(6) and I to a room where a lady(same lady that checked us in) had my child look through a machine at a photo of a barn house, and took pictures of each eye. Went to another room where she tested for distance on each eye being covered. After all this we met with the Dr. who said she required drops in the eyes and after 25 mins. they would re-test because the numbers where low. After waiting the Dr. tested with yet another machine asking which letters could be seen better. After all this the Dr. stated my child had 20/20 vision but would require glasses because the eyes are struggling back and forth(by this i mean far and near). when i asked if they would be required to be worn during sports activity the answer was no, only during school. If anyone has experienced this or can shed better light on why please please answer. ?