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first off, i have a little girl who is two years old. and im pregnant again by the same person. me and my baby's father really dont get along. he always fights with me about cheating and money since i dont i give him much since iam on welfare and hes not working. he lives with his parents and i stay with mines. he to me just seems like he's a controlling insurcre jealous person. ive tried breaking up with him because im really not happy by the way he talks to me and treats me. he doesnt have a job and smokes weed and chills allday i can count on my hand how many times he bought diapers. his mother and father never ask to see their 1st granddaughter and more less my parents help me with housing and food. now i know its my absloute fault exactly why iam pregnant again. but many times he presures me to have sex because if i dont he accuses me of cheating and says i make him feel ugly. while now that iam pregnant again i just dont know what im going to do! i want to have a abortion because i know in all reality i see no life with him or him helping me fiancially and if we do end up together i would seriously go crazy and my kids dnt deserve to have a mother and a father living together that dont get along and i dont want to put that threw my second child. but i just cant work myself the thought of aborting it let alone do it. i know how it feels to have a soul growing in you and it just kills me to think that i have no options what should i do? somebody give me advice i have no one to confinde in..


Hi honey! I can't tell you what to do with this pregnancy! BUT I think you have answered your own question! He is VERY controlling, and if you have another baby with him, your future WITHOUT him will be much harder! This isn't really about him and you, you need to look at the main people that this will affect! Being your daughter - having less, your parents having to support more, and your chances of getting a job while you have 2 babies to support would be VERY difficult! I am SURE your parents would NOT be too happy about taking on another mouth to feed and a bottom to diaper - as this is VERY expensive! And obviously you aren't getting ANY help from his side! So it will be the same again! For him to be SO possessive can be a dangerous sign honey! He has enough money for dope but not for your child! He is lazy, selfish, and a jerk, and I dare say you are terrified of what he might do! When you try and split from him what does he do or say?

You need to walk away honey - either with the baby or not! and cut ALL ties with him! IF you decide to keep the baby, do NOT put his name on the birth certificate! I just know that raising 2 children is HARD under regular circumstances never mind taking care of 2 babies under YOUR circumstances! Have you told him about the pregnancy yet?