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Hello. I am a 23 year old female with hypothyroidism, celiac disease, and lupus. Needless to say, I'm used to feeling like s***! I suffered from constipation for the past ten years. Eventually, it caused internal & external hemorrhoids and a very PAINFUL fissure. I ended up opting for surgery November 2009 after suffering from debilitating pain as a result of my fissure and hemorrhoids. The surgery was not as painful as I'd imagined, and recovery was long, and somewhat painful, but managed without painkillers because I didn't want to get constipated. After my surgery, I followed a strict gluten-free diet and managed to recover slowly, but surely. I felt really good for Jan and Feb, but the past two weeks I've been having weird, scratchy sensations on the skin near my anus. Upon examination, I cannot see anything. It doesn't hurt when I use the bathroom, and I don't think it's a fissure, but I am terrified that it's a fissure starting... The only relief I get is when I shower, and the sensation goes away for a few hours and returns. Has anyone experienced something similar? Does this sound like the start of a fissure? PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I am losing my scruples :-(


Hello Sage,

Sounds to me like you had a colorectal surgeon perform you surgery. If that is the case then you need to get in to talk to him about what is happening. It does not sound like another fissure. Its sounds like an anomaly with your nerves. Similar to the itching that you experienced a few weeks after the surgery.

With your lupus it is important that you see your doctor, if there were any tearing I wouldn’t be worred of a fissure as much as an incision not having healed toughly as lupus can prevent that from happening quickly and with you feeling good, you may be overdoing yourself on a daily basis and not allowing complete healing!

You probably have some lidocane around try using that to dull the sensation until you can see your doctor but make the appointment ASAP!

And don’t overdo it!!!!

Best to you and glad you are getting better.

Brian McMullin