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Hi, I'm a fifteen year old female virgin. I have had wonderful success in achieving a clitoral orgasm, but I would really like to achieve a vaginal orgasm, or a g-spot orgasm or whatever to which it is referred.

So far the thickest object that can fit in my vagina without discomfort/pain is my finger, which poses a problem. I have used objects wrapped in cellophane for masturbation, but I can't get anything! It's impossible, even when I get really turned on. 

I have the whole mindset thing, because if I know I can't orgasm that way, I can get a clitoral one in less than a minute. It doesn't frustrate me, I just want to know what it's like.

Anything you can think of to help me out? I guess I'm sort of worried that when the time comes for me to have sex it'll be so uncomfortable. That, and I want to experience this. If you know of anything to slowly loosen up my vagina without pain, and how to get a g-spot orgasm, I'd appreciate it!


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You dont need a dildo or anything else other than your fingers to try for a gspot orgasm hun.
Do you know where your i spot is first and how you stimulate it?


What is am i spot?