I'm a 26 year Male living in the Middle East, currently the temperature is around 110 Degrees with tremendous humidity, so sweating is a very common thing, 2 nights ago i was outdoors at a bar and later that night i slept infront of a blasting AC... the next day i wasn't feeling a hundred percent but still okay but later that night i was indoors in a freezing function for 4-5 hours... by the time i got home my whole body hurt, I had a fever, swollen glands and a mild sore throat. During the night i had a terrible fever, sweating and just couldn't get much sleep... the next day was no better. I went to the doctor and after a quick exam he said my throat was infected and and prescribed Acetaminophen and very strong Antibiotics with mouth gargle.

You may think i'm paranoid but...

I had a cold 2 weeks before which i got over without going to a doctor but how often does someone get a cold and the flu within one month?

I've kissed and have been in close proximity to my GF but she has not had any symptoms, She did how ever say she had a flu shot but it was a seasonal (what ever that means 3months of protection) shot while she was in France last winter. Do seasonal shots cover you for for 9 months?

Now is very out there (I hope), i've read about HIV symptoms being similar and was wondering if they are contagious or not?

Thanks for those who reply to this.