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I am 16 and I get tired all the time, all I want to do is sleep. It started about 4 months ago. I got sick when I ate anything so my doctor put me on a lactose intolerant diet, but I still got sick. It got better for about two weeks then came back worse. I am hot and then cold and then hot again. I get dizzy when standing too long and every light hurts my eyes. My lower back hurts and my left side feels like a stabbing pain.. I still get sick when I eat. When I breath the stabbing pain gets worse and hurt up in my chest like a shock. I have lost my appetite. I am never hungry and nothing taste good. First people thought it was the flu till it went out for 3 months... This is the 4th month.. I see the GI doctor in a week.


Based upon your age and symptoms, it could be mononucleosis. It's good, though, that you are seeking specialized medical help.

Symptoms usually begin to appear about 4 to 7 weeks after infection with the virus. Signs that you may have mono include:

* fatigue
* fever
* sore throat
* loss of appetite
* swollen lymph nodes (commonly called glands, located in your neck, underarms, and groin)
* headaches
* sore muscles
* weakness
* larger-than-normal liver or spleen
* skin rash
* abdominal pain

People who have mono may have different combinations of these symptoms, and some may have symptoms so mild that they hardly notice them. Others may have no symptoms at all.

Even if you have several of these symptoms, don't try to diagnose yourself. Always consult your doctor if you have a fever, sore throat, and swollen glands or are unusually tired for no apparent reason.

Because the symptoms of mono are so general and can be signs of other illnesses, it's possible to mistake mononucleosis for the flu, strep throat, or other diseases. In fact, occasionally some people may have mono and strep throat at the same time.

When making a diagnosis, the doctor may want to take some blood tests to see if mono is causing the symptoms.