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Hello All!

I was reading all the questions and answers,and found it to be very informative.So created a profile as even i am curious about some of my questions.
Actually, we are married for an year , and now we want to plan,our family.We have started planning from last month.Last month i.e September i had my periods on 19th,n before that in August it was on period are slightly irregular but it always comes 5-6 days before the due date,but never get's delay.
And this month,i am late by one day,but i am having cramps n feeling fatigue,as it happens before the start of cycle.
I know its a bit to early to decide am i pregnant or not but cant control my anxiety towards it.Can somebody have cramps n pain even if she is pregnant.
If i do not get my periods then after how many days can i do the home Pregnancy Test?

Please answer :-(


You can absolutely still have cramping if you are pregnant, it's actually quite normal. Firstly, it could be caused by implantation, where the embryo attaches to the placenta. Secondly, when you do conceive your body has to undergo a lot of changes to accommodate the growing baby, one of those changes is your uterus has to stretch to make room. The cramping you may be having could be caused by the stretching of your uterus in response to pregnancy. You can test as soon as you miss a period, but I would recommend using a test that can detect lower levels of the HCG hormone, such as First Response Early. Best of luck, and I hope this helped! :-D


Thankyou so much..for your reply.Still havnot got my periods,n keeping my finger cross for the positive test.

Bye :-)