I waxed my chest two weeks ago for the first time. I had exfoliated before hand, and the therapist carried out a general after-wax care. 

Unfortuantely, I still had a reaction and the next day my entire chest broke out with white heads. I have since learnt this is folliculitis. 

Now, the white heads have gone, but my entire upper chest is covered in red blemishes and several "pimples". 

I have googled a lot of advice, and many suggested just keep the area clean and the folliculitis will heal itself. 

For the first week, I just used a general exfoliator and kept the area clean, showering twice daily. 

For the second week, I rampted things up and started using proactiv on the area, in the hope of drying it out and hopefully reducing the redness. 

But there has been very little improvement and the area still looks the same. Red blemishes and not much improvement. 

Is two weeks a normal time for this follicululits to hang around? Will it disapear? Do I need some sort of cream from the chemist?