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Hello, I am a 19 year old male, and I have been having a strange problem. I used to shave my groin area every other day since last April, and I would always notice bumps which I assumed were razor bumps, so I ignored them. In early januray, I shaved once again, and the next day I had sever itching and red bumps on my lower abdomen. Thinking it was just razor irritation, I ignored it. In mid February, I went to a construction site. While I was there, the itching of my abdomen got really bad. After that the bumps became bigger and redder. I put some bandages with Hydrocortisone cream on it, but the bandages seemed to make it worse, making the skin extremely dry and scaly. I went to the Doctor a few days after that, and they told me it was folliculitis. So I went home and started treatment a few days after that (the prescription was expensive). During that waiting time, I acquired some big bandages so I could cover the entire area at once. So i applied one with a lot of Hydrocortisone cream and left it on for a few days. When I finally pulled it off it appeared as though it had healed but the adhesive from the bandage left a lot of irritation, which got worse. So this charade continued on and on, but it never spread to any part originally outside the bandage area. Currently it paeears to have healed up but the skin is rubbery in some areas (Possibly still healing?). Could this be an std, or just a bad shaving-related infection?

The other problem is the groin area, in which I have not shaved since February. There are these raised, red, patches of skin that, if pinched, appear as though there is an overgrowth of skin (kinda like a wart, but the tissue is soft and fairly small. ) The best way to desribe it is that it looks kind of like a skin 'bubble' Could this be an std, or just a shaving related problem that just hasnt fully healed yet? As with the other problem, it has not spread and has not appeared on any other part of my body. (The genitalalia appear normal)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


I think it is folliculitis. You put a bandage and left it for a few days without changing????? If so, are such a typical male!!!!

You shouldn't have put any bandages especially if you noticed that they were causing irritation.

Has your doc prescribed any antibiotics to clear that folliculitis? It doesn't sound like an STD to me.