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My child is 7 years old and there are some problems with his head skin. It looks like some red areas that are slowly spreading. We are going to dermatologist next week, but I am sure that it is fungal folliculitis we are talking about here. Can you tell me about the symptoms of the fungal folliculitis?


There are two basic types of the folliculitis you are mentioning. One can be transferred from animal to human, while the other is transferred from human to human. In this other type, there are some small whiteish desquamations and there is no inflammation. It can pass on its own in puberty.


yes, I agree and there are several signs and symptoms of folliculitis. Some of those symptoms are next:

  • it includes the clusters of small red bumps or white-headed pimples that develop around hair follicles and they are visible,
  • some pus blisters that break open,
  • skin is usually red and inflamed, 
  • a skin on that area is also very itchy and that is irritating,
  • you can also feel some type of tenderness or pain,
  • also, you can have problems large swollen bump or mass and they look gross. 

Once you notice some of those symptoms, that is a first thing that should be the alarm and reason to visit your doctor.