So I post prior regarding my bf and his struggle with opiates. He kicked opanas in June2012 only to replase within 6weeks. Only he picked up heroin this time. Anyways he wasnt openly using I had to catch him and he finally owned up to his habit. I gave him a week to taper down and fri sat sun planned his wd detox. I put up with him using the week he tapered,if he did,and he came home fri pm late like often lately,high of course and I anticipated wd to set in by sat am,but it didnt and he acted like he didnt feel good but he has wd w my help several times,severe physical pain,vomiting,diarreah and sweats. So by late sat after noon he was in bed one minute around 1 stilland in a blink up and out the door,like he had to go. He came home late again and I just hoped if he was gonna wd it wud start so we cud deal over the weekend w it.

   Well by monday he wasnt showing any wd signs and I actually found an empty envelope in his laundry monday morning but he swore it wasnt from sunday or recent like I was a fool and then monday after by 1130 he didnt feel well so I wet to get him supplements and electrolyte drinks and while i was gonehe called his dealer and set it up to meet him,I came home he was up and leaving he said. So he went to meet his dealer around 4pm, after I told him if he went this time he was done and i was over it. He still pulled away and about a half hour later calls w a tale of how dude didnt show and he wasnt any better off than when he left and he made a mistake by giving up so he is now in bed again wd sick he says but i dont think he has stopped he is up and down to bathroom all night but rarely flushes a toilet cuz its not been used by him. I am at the end of my line w all this c**p.Yet its kinda looking like he is begining wd now and isnt comfortable or resting well all night he was up and not able to sleep. And this am he was quick to ask me for the valerian and B complex immodium and says he wont back out being on the start of day 2wd since he made it one day he says he wont jump back in.

   So when is it finally been long enough and what is it im supposed to do if he doesnt quit, doi toss him out on behind and limit him from seeing our 6month old son unless he sobers up first? Im worried he may fall into heavier using if I turn away from him and he speaks ofter of suicide and being worthless as a man n father so he shud end it. Its aweful stressful on me and only self defeating for him. What should I do?