I keep focusing on HOW he left me on mothers day this year. everything was fine we had just got back together 4days before after I had broken up with him due to feeling like he changes from one person to the next. He apologized seemed very sincere and even stayed with me and my kids. We both decided to have a baby together and he said he truly was ready to start the life we always talked about. ofcourse I was excited I've loved him for so long and weve been bestfriends for a year. through these 4days like 3random female called his phone he claims he didnt give them his number and ofcourse they tell me he did and that he also told them he wasnt involved with anyone. I was hurt because I trusted him. He said he promise its nothing and because the females told me they werent involved with him either-I decided to let it go and just focus on the fact that we just got back together and he here... but then his ex told me she didnt know he had a girlfriend either and that was a problem for me because she is pregnant with his babyow even though that was before me and he wasnt about it-why would he not tell her about me but told me he did. ofcourse he got in a big argument with her called her a liar. And again I let it go because fact is she knew about me now and she is having his kid so therefore we have to deal with eachother. So everything in the open now I choose to stay in the present and focus on the future with him because he has been showing me he wants to be here with me and have a family. We ate,hung out, had fun,watched movies...etc.. then out of no where he got up sat at the edge of the bed like 11 30pm may 7th just tears rolling down his face I ask him whats wrong he say he dnt knw. then he get upset, then aggressive fromme asking questions, then he gets uncertain. I then start to lose it like wow! whats going on. for 4hours he said nothing to me. I just cried because I couldnt understand how we went to laying together laughing watching a movie to this! I ask him is he leaving, he said no. Then I lay down from crying he is getting dressed to leave! I said what are you doing leaving? he says yes but I ws going to talk before I left. I couldnt believe it. I panickd like why? he had no answers. i said is this because of another female? he gets upset and says no this aint about nobody but HIM! that he loving me enough to let me go because he see what he doing and he know he cant change..but still I couldnt let go of the fact we having a baby that he said he wanted and was gon be there for and he leaving. he was them emotionaless, numb almost to my pain and my tears. I kept trying to tak to him but he didnt care at all. I slapped him because I was hurt and inshock and sad you just gon abandon me? and he left!! he text me ten minutes later but I was so hurt I didnt read them i just deleted it. I then Text him and wrote him a letter telling him how hurt I was and how could he do sumthng like that 2me. ever since that was it but what I cant let go of is the fact he came back got me pregnant and acted like everything was great making plans and just got up and left like he didnt know me!! I prayed for my menstrual 2come and thank the lord it came this morning!!!!! I feel like god looked over me because I have 6kids already and wow I would of been alone with another baby and I never wanted that. I truly thought this was it for me and he was for me. we even got eachothers name tattood on our arm. he brought me a promise ring for valentines day, he tells me stories when I cant sleep..its like who is he now? but this has been happening throughout the whole relationship. but I never knew bipolar was so extreme I just blamed him for being trifling like other dudes. he dnt know im NOT pregnant because I havent spoken to him but it hurts more knowing he think I am and still left.!!!! do I just leave things as they are and try to get over the hurt and move on???? because he hasnt called me anyway or came by so obviously he doesnt care and i dnt want to keep always being the one running to him because thats how its always been..maybe he just doesnt love me!!!